-925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

    -925 sterling Silver
    -Fashion Jewelry

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I. General FAQ

  1. Are the products 100% original?

    Our wholesale silver jewelry factory from China exists for 20 years now, and all products are 100% original. In addition, you can also consult our Guarantee details and Return Policy which were created because our products are original and our business is based on trust and confidence.

  2. How often are the products updated?

    All our lists of wholesale silver jewelry are updates each 14 days, when new designs are launched. Our purpose is to supply qualitative silver jewelry models to our customers which will stay fashionable for a long period of time.

  3. Are all products made of sterling silver jewelry?

    At 925WholesaleJewelry.com, only sterling silver jewelry is available and our customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of designs. The wholesale silver jewelry factory from China is specialized in the 925 silver jewelry and in the last 20 years it has gained a reputation.

II. Ordering FAQ

  1. How do I order?

    Using our wholesale jewelry store the order will be made through us and send directly to the wholesale silver jewelry factory from China where the shipment process will take place.

  2. How many products can I order?

    The great thing about our wholesale jewelry store is that there is no minimum order quantity imposed, but for larger order you can enjoy wholesale silver jewelry discounts. In this way, you can order one of our wholesale silver jewelry products for a special occasion or as a present, or order more products and enjoy a discount.

  3. How to order?

    After you have browsed through our products and decided upon one, you only have to click the button “Add to my Cart” and the sterling silver jewelry product will be added. If you want more products from the same model, you only have to change the quantity according to your requirements.

  4. How do I check out?

    Once you have decided upon the quantity you desire, you will have to insert information about the shipment address, country, telephone number, and your name and then choose the payment method that is more convenient for you as well as the delivery method. Then, you must check out.

  5. How do I confirm the order?

    After you will check out you will receive a confirmation order by email that will contain information regarding the sterling silver jewelry products you have order, quantities and the value of the order.

III. Payment FAQ

  1. What payment methods are available?

    In our wholesale jewelry store, you can choose from 3 payment methods, the most convenient for you: Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

  2. How is the payment made?

    You will have to choose the payment method before the confirmation order, when you will have to decide on the delivery method as well. We ensure 100% protection of your information and data inserted and we have also fraud-prevent measures using the confirmation order email.

IV. Jewelry Care FAQ

  1. What is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

    Sterling silver represents an alloy of silver containing 92,5% silver and the 7,5% other metals, commonly copper. This purity standard is the one legally accepted and used by most jewelry factories in the world. That is why it is also referred to as 925 silver jewelry.

    Pure silver cannot be used as 99.9% silver is too soft to produce objects and jewelry. Therefore, the silver is alloyed with other metals (copper in most cases). In this way, sterling silver jewelry is created which maintains the beauty and ductility of the precious metal.

  2. Protection for Sterling Silver Jewelry

    In order to protect your sterling silver jewelry, we recommended you to frequently polish it using a soft and try cloth. In this way the silver jewelry will not tarnish in time.

    In addition, you should place the sterling silver jewelry in the fabric pouch you will received once you ordered our products and keep it in a dry and cool place where there is no danger for scratches. Once in a while, to regain its sparkle, you can use a soft toothbrush, some washing liquid and using warm water you can clean the silver jewelry.

V. Shipment FAQ

  1. Where do we deliver the products?

    The wholesale silver jewelry products ordered from our wholesale jewelry store are shipped worldwide. Regardless of the area you live in, the order will reach you. The order will be sent towards our wholesale silver jewelry factory in China and the 925 silver jewelry products will be shipped from there.

    Using the Order Status section, you will be able to track your order and see its evolution.

  2. What are the shipment costs?

    Regardless of the quantity ordered, the shipment costs (posting charges) are the same. However, for orders higher than 250$ the shipment is free of charge.

  3. When will the shipment arrive?

    The delivery time depends strictly on the shipment option you choose. You have the possibility to choose among the following two alternatives:

    • Royal Register Air Mail : Delivery time 7-14 days for a 10$ fee
    • DHL : Delivery time 2-3 days for a 30$ fee

    While Royal Register Air Mail is the cheapest shipment method, DHL is the fastest one. Depending on your necessities and preferences, choose the optimum method!